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How to avoid bumps in zinc alloy die casting

Product processing technology, quality, delivery and so has a strong advantage. If the processing is often caused by bad bumps, which greatly reduces the quality of Shenzhen zinc alloy die casting, invisible increase the manufacturing costs.
Zinc alloy die casting bruises cause analysis:
1, open mold picking or blushing after the pieces encountered, equipment or workbench side, angle and so on;
2, the various operating processes zinc alloy die casting improperly stacked;
3, the operation of the operation of the operator improper, such as throwing pieces;
4, transit between processes, such as not separated from the protection, collapse and so on;
5, the operation of the operating tools of the bumps, such as die-casting pick up hook, take pieces of clamp, clean up the process of the file, punch and so on.
Zinc alloy die-casting bumps Corresponding measures:
1, take the attention, not allowed to bump;
2, according to the operating instructions, not allowed to stack, must be placed neatly into the station equipment
3, do not allow throwing pieces, gently, such as die-casting process Casting must be slow down by the table, do not allow each other bump;
4, the station equipment Zinc alloy die casting must be separated, the transport should be slow to prevent the collapse or fall castings;
5, the correct use of operating tools to prevent bumps. The casting is not allowed to catch or hold the casting body. Clean up the rasp and punch must be accurately operated in the need to clean up the site.
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