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Why is the application of aluminum radiators so wide?

Why is the application of aluminum radiators so wide? What are the excellent features of it?
First, the aluminum radiator is very light weight, due to the special nature of the material its weight is generally only iron radiator or not only one third of the radiator, whether in the production or in the transport and installation links are very convenient;
Second, the security is strong, good thermal conductivity, in the need for heating, it can quickly heat to the air, the need for refrigeration, the same can be due to the rapid absorption of heat in the air;
Third, the aluminum radiator is very suitable for use in the water environment, because the water PH value of 7, are neutral, and aluminum products are most suitable for PH value of 5 to 8.5 in the use of water, in addition, the use of the process will The formation of a layer of dense oxide film on the surface, can effectively prevent or slow down the corrosion of aluminum surface;
Fourth, the surface can be a variety of ways to deal with, can be anodizing process, can also be oxidized coating treatment, and the treated surface is not only more beautiful, but also can effectively prevent the surface corrosion, extended its service life;
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