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The type and function of the radiator, how much do you know?

Radiator of the word we are no strangers, many times we need to use the radiator, radiator types and functions are also different, for example, there are heating radiator, car radiator, computer radiator, etc. Chip heatsink, LED radiator, air-cooled radiator and even projector radiator and other applications in different occasions with different functions of the radiator, then let us come to a specific understanding of the radiator this huge family system which specific classification , What is its function?
Speaking of the classification of radiators, we can from many different points of view, including the function, structure, use of places and so on. First of all, we first from the radiator function to different types of radiators. Speaking of the radiator we will first think of the winter in the north of each household have heating equipment, in fact, home heating equipment on the need to use the radiator, we put this radiator called heating radiator. Heating radiator is generally used for home heating, this radiator heating efficient and comfortable, very consistent with modern life and work habits. Heating radiator according to its different materials we can be divided into cast iron radiator, copper radiator, aluminum radiator, steel radiator, stainless steel radiator, copper and aluminum composite radiator and other different materials of the radiator. Now there is a more common radiator on the market is installed in the car as a car cooling system used to heat a heat exchanger. There are two categories of radiators used in this car engine, aluminum radiators and copper radiators, aluminum radiators are used in the general passenger car engine, and copper radiator used in large More in commercial vehicles. There is a computer, laptop computer with the radiator, this is used to help the computer cooling machine to prevent the computer is damaged.
From the radiator manufacturing process is different we can be divided into chip heat sink, squeeze radiator, finned radiator and other different shapes of the radiator. Chip radiator is the most common kind of radiator, the material inside is a piece inserted in an aluminum tube wall, forming a tight, smooth surface of the blade shape
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